Aqua-Tech® stock a wide range of chemicals which are Cascade Approved. The following products are a small selection of our range designed to keep your pool, pond or water-tank in tip-top condition.

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Chlorine Granules

The only inexpensive way to kill all germs in pool water and controls algae growth.

Water Stabiliser

Acts as a sun shield and stabiliser to extend the active life of Pool Chlor in the pool.

Tri-Chlor Tablets

Slow dissolving 200 gram tablets last for 5-8 days, adding chlorine every time your filter operates

Liquid Pool Chlorine

Simply measure and pour directly into the pool - no mixing, no waste and no residue. Liquid pool chlor is non-flammable.

pH Increase

Used to control the acidity of pool water and keep pH between 7.2 and 7.6 on the test kit scale.

pH Decrease

Used to adjust the alkalinity of pool water and keep pH between 7.2 and 7.6 on the test kit scale.

Calcium Chlorine

Ideal for spas and heated pools - a light coating of calcium on metal parts and heater elements resists corrosion - keeps heaters efficient.


Whatever your pool algae problem is - Algon has the answer with a choice of solutions. No mixing, just add to your pool and let nature do the rest.

Super Chlor / DiChlor

Stabilised chlorine, fully soluble, leaves no residue.

AquaChlor Tri-Super 90

For use in replenishing the AquaGenie Skimmer Chlorine Feeder Canister.